Next100 Fund introduces Antex Ecosystem and VNDT platform as a strategic investment product.


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The Next100 start-up investment fund, established by NextTech Group, officially announced Antex Ecosystem to become a strategic investment product, in this group’s decentralized digital transformation roadmap, aiming to bring experience efficient and convenient crypto user experience on a global scale, as well as providing outstanding solutions for project developers and technology engineers.

At the end of July, NextTech Group and Next100 Investment Fund officially announced a 2.5 million USD investment in Antex Ecosystem – an ecosystem of blockchain technology application, chain development of many applications. diversified, including crypto-fiat payment gateways, crypto management tools & NFTs, flexible fundraising platforms, decentralized exchanges and blockchain technology, serving convenient crypto trading needs for global users, as well as providing outstanding solutions for project developers and technology engineers.


With strategic investment and extensive integration with NextTech’s powerful digital ecosystem for more than 20 years, Antex has more “east wind”, accelerating the process of product perfection and ecosystem expansion, closer to the goal of becoming a global Crypto trading hub. Antex initially marked outstanding achievements, bridging the gap between traditional and digital finance when launching a spearhead product VNDT wallet & VNDT stable coin with 1:1 peer-to-peer.. The wallet is rated TOP most convenient, safest crypto application, records more than 100,000 users in more than 50 countries, serves thousands of transactions per day, just over three months after launch. Currently, users can use VNDT wallet to store and transfer crypto without fees, swap trading pairs on multi-chains with optimal fees, deposit/withdraw crypto-fiat via secure banking, Super-fast transactions in just a few seconds, completely replacing OTC and P2P trading methods which are potentially risky. Especially, this super app will helps users to increase passive profit by providing financial tools including crypto Saving up to 15% profit, launched last September and many more tools like crypto Loan, V-pay, Staking will be launched soon. VNDT builds a long-term vision to become a pioneer digital bank in the crypto world, applying crypto to convenient and flexible life with just a few touches. Therefore, with the integration of NextTech’s powerful e-commerce platform, it makes a leap in this new digital transformation. Specifically, the VNDT team is completing and launching in the fourth quarter of 2021 the V-Pay function to support crypto transactions for various needs in life through QR code scanning, VNDT visa/master card , associated with major payment gateways such as, ; connecting hundreds of thousands of retailers and millions of global consumers in the NextTech ecosystem.

Following the success of VNDT wallet, last October, Antex team launched a decentralized wallet – Antex blockchain wallet. This is an important piece in the chain of DeFi applications of the Antex ecosystem, which is likened to “the DeFi gateway of all blockchains”. The outstanding features of Antex wallet are highly appreciated by users, which is the AI ​​swap function that allows to receive the lowest price, the optimal gas fee at the same time, the price is aggregated from the top non-exchange exchanges. centralized Uniswap, Totle, Paraswap, Curve, Airswap, 1-inch, Ox… In addition, the Antex blockchain walllet recorded a lot of love for the feature of storing supersets of NFTs as images on multiple blockchains, according to the system. Statistics of the latest poll from the DeFi community. Antex is making constant efforts to perfect the technique and launch other core products in the near future such as Antlaunch multi-functional fundraising platform, allowing fundraising, multi-round vesting, Antex decentralized exchange. Dex and the VN Smart Chain blockchain platform, providing a simple, one-stop, comprehensive DeFi experience.


The AntEx ecosystem has made strong changes not only in terms of products, but the strategic investment deal from NextTech gives Antex wings to develop partnerships and reach a large number of investors. Top. Accordingly, Antex ended three successful fundraising rounds beyond expectations, raising $ 7.3 million, which was reported by famous financial sites and crypto media channels such as Blomberg, Yahoo Finance, Market Business Insider, Crypto Daily, CoinMarketCap. Featured start-up news. Typical funds participating in the funding round include Atlantic capital, Minh Quy, MC Holding, Victory Venture, Amun Capital, AVA capital, Gelos Ventures, ADN Capital, Halvings Capital,, BSCLaunch, Crypto Erra, Trade Coin X1000BTC, Ant Trading, Launch Zone, Easy Crypto, AliTrade, 68 Trading, BFA Group, CHIP Group…. and other organisations. Antex also received great support from the domestic and international community, when it ended the last PreSale round after more than 30 seconds of opening for sale.


As the market continues to grow and the application of blockchain becomes more and more powerful in life, Antex Ecosystem is built to become a spearhead in the process of new generation digital transformation, focusing on giving users cryptocurrency optimize the best experiences as well as provide solutions for project developers. NextTech’s companion on the technology platform and premise capital helps Antex accelerate the further expansion of its products into a global Crypto trading hub and standard decentralized finance ecosystem. representative of Vietnamese technology reaching the international level.

AntEx decentralized digital transformation, an inevitable step of the global Fintech financial technology!

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