Building a leading “digital bank” platform in the cryptocurrency market

Not just a cryptocurrency wallet – VNDT Wallet can be considered as a pioneering digital bank in connecting the crypto market and the need to use cryptocurrency to make transactions by VNDT Stablecoin in daily life.

Transaction & Payment Services

VNDT wallet and VNDT stablecoin play a central role in VNDT Platform, with the ability to exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat money not only in Vietnam but also globally.

VNDT wallet is linked with a licensed payment intermediary system, ensuring that collection and payment transactions take place quickly and safely.The liquidity guarantee is 01 VNDT : 01 VND.

Fiat Gateway: with partners who are exchanges and blockchain firms, VNDT Platform will provide a fiat gateway solution so that users on these platforms can directly connect to their bank accounts

VNDT Stable coin

VNDT is a stable coin, value 01 VNDT : 01 VND, used for the exchange between highly liquidated cryptocurrencies and fiat (VND).

This is a unique product that helps fiat holders access the cryptocurrency market by the easiest and safest way. VNDT

Crypto Earn

Optimizing and increasing the value of users’ digital assets with Saving, Farming, Staking, Loan services

Saving: Use cryptocurrencies to deposit with very attractive returns. Savings packages are very flexible in terms of time, you can terminate the contract anytime you want.

Loan: Using crypto to borrow VNDT / USDT while still wanting to keep crypto. Borrow up to 88% of the collateral value with a low interest rate, under the safe management of an audited financial control system.

Farming: Join Farming pools right on VNDT wallet with attractive APY.

Staking: With tokens using the POS algorithm, users can participate in Staking to receive the rewards of these tokens.


A breakthrough utility, with the function of Collection – Payment, V-Pay helps VNDT wallet users to use crypto to transact their consumer bills and trade essential daily services.

This function is built on the automatic exchange of crypto to fiat on VNDT wallet.

In addition, with the QR-code Payment and Co-Brand Card features, users will be able to use digital assets on VNDT wallets anytime, anywhere.


Users can swap between cryptocurrencies with VNDT with simple operations. This is a gateway that opens the intersection between crypto and fiat in Vietnam.


Go to market with special features Kick start and Tracking

Kick start will be a turning point with the fundraising of projects right on VNDT wallet, VNDT wallet users purchase the tokens on the IEO platform of the VNDT wallet.This function will help people easily invest in projects without spending a lot of time.

Tracking helps users look up information of all cryptocurrencies on the VNDT wallet, the source of information comes from the project and official information pages that VNDT Platform cooperates with.

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